Top E-Commerce Development firms in 2022


ADA or App Development Agency has published a list of top E-Commerce Development companies in 2022. The list provides a key insight to the E-Commerce ecosystem of present times.  Notice that the list doesn’t rank E-Commerce websites per se, but rather the firms that help in developing these platforms. E-Commerce to a large extent has been dominated by big players, but since the past few...

PIR invites entries for 2022 .ORG Impact Awards


Public Internet Registry (PIR), the registry behind all  .org domain names has invited entries for 2022 .ORG Impact Awards.  .ORG Impact Awards is an annual event organised to commemorate the brilliant Social and Public works, done by different Organisations across the world.  This is the 4th edition of the awards and we are pretty excited about it. Earlier, in the previous editions of the...

A look into GigaLaw’s Domain Dispute Digest


GigaLaw has launched its first quarterly report of Domain Dispute Digest of the year. The report talks about the current trends and the overall situation of Domain Name Disputes.  Domain Disputes in the first quarter of 2022 witnessed a 20% increase as in comparison to the same quarter of the previous year. The figure is even greater when instead of Domain Disputes, the number of Domain Names...

A look in Brand Finance’s Media 50 2022 report


Brand Finance, world’s leading brand valuation consultancy has released its Media 50 2022 report. The report discusses the best performing media brands in the year and this year trends reflect the institutional design of the media sphere as well as contemporary alterations to it.  Google has retained its spot at the apex position in the list. With a 34% increased brand value at the...

Highlights from Sedo and InternetX’s Global Domain Report


InternetX and Sedo have jointly released the Global Domain Report. The report gives a figurative assessment of the performance of the domain name industry in 2021. The .com TLD maintained its dominance in the previous year. There were approximately 364.6 million domain names registered across all TLDs at the end of 2021. Out of this, 158.6 million domain names belong to .com. This constitutes...

Unstoppable Domains finds mention in Forbes’ list


Forbes has published its recent list of America’s Best Startup Employers. The fourth edition of the annually published report gauges the employment conditions in the Startup industry. The list was composed after assessing 2,500 US businesses which had more than 50 employers and were founded between 2012 and 2019. Finally after much evaluations , a list of 500 top employers was formed and...

Radix posts an encouraging 2nd half in 2021


Radix has posted its bi-annual Premium Domains Report. The report, hailing to the second quarter of 2021, shows Radix performance in that financial period. It shows continuously encouraging trends for the ‘new’ domain names company. In the 2nd half of 2021, the company received $2.98 Million in Premium Retail Revenue. This is close to the figures reported in the first half of $2.91 Million in...

December 2021 was the most Phished month of all time

D published its quarterly phishing report. The report shows worrying trends related to the prevalent online scam. The report noted a sharp rise in the number of phishing scams with December 2021 being the highest ever month since APWG began publishing its reports in 2004. 316,747 phishing attacks were seen by APWG in December. Even if compared to the figures reported in January 2021(which...

Second-level .za domain name shortlists five bidders


South Africa’s domain space is looking for new players. South Africa’s ccTLD is .za. Domain names belonging to this TLD are administered and managed by a statutory body, .ZA Domain Name Authority. It is also popularly called as ZADNA. ZADNA had opened the .za domain name space for eligible bidders. The bidding was allowed for second level .za domain names which includes,, and...

After the most popular domain name, TikTok also besieges the app space


In a recent post we talked about how TikTok dethroned Google as the most popular domain name in 2021. Now, after conquering the domain name space TikTok has also acquired the top spot amid the apps in 2021. A blog by apptopia discusses the Most Downloaded Apps in 2021. TikTok is ranked 1, with Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and Telegram at successive places. The blog also discusses the most...

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