Someone registered and applied for trademarks


If you are not an Indian, the word Sholay might not ring any bells for you. However, if you are an Indian, the word would likely bring a range of emotions that will be difficult to gauge. Sholay is the name of one of the most popular and iconic Indian movies of all time. However, an interesting development regarding the 1975 made film came when someone registered a series of domain names related...

Panel in favor of Domain Investor with million domain names


It is intriguing to see how many entities would approach the law, not with facts and figures but with the misconstrued logic of their own. The arbitration and redressal platforms hence serve as an appropriate anvil on which the misconstrued logic is given shape.  WIPO witnessed an interesting contention over the domain name The Complainants were Bookker Corporate S.L.U, Spain...

Muzmatch and conundrum


Since the past few months, Intellectual Property Enterprise Court has been witnessing a deep tussle between two dating companies. and Muzmatch, were both involved in a legal question that whether Muzmatch infringed upon the trademarks of Muzmatch is a new dating platform that is aimed for Muslim couples. The company provides an opportunity for the users to meet each other in...

New York Court’s decision could pave way for future NFT regulations


The New Court has presented an interim decision regarding a dispute between Hermès and a ‘self-proclaimed’ artist. The decision involves, and could provide light in the direction, NFTs would be looked at legally.  The dispute involves a collection of 100 NFTs released by an individual called Mason Rothschild. The NFTs depicted several combinations of transformed pictures of a...

A look into GigaLaw’s Domain Dispute Digest


GigaLaw has launched its first quarterly report of Domain Dispute Digest of the year. The report talks about the current trends and the overall situation of Domain Name Disputes.  Domain Disputes in the first quarter of 2022 witnessed a 20% increase as in comparison to the same quarter of the previous year. The figure is even greater when instead of Domain Disputes, the number of Domain Names...

Complainant fails to flex


Flexspace No 2 LLP is a company based in the UK. The company provides flexible offices, workshops, industrial and self-storage spaces. The company however found its registered trademarks violated through the registration and use of the domain name The company thus filed a complaint at WIPO.  The Complainant owns the UK and The EU trademarks over FLEXSPACE, registered in...

Alan Parsons awarded 5 million in trademark infringement case


Alan Parson has won the case of trademark infringement over his band the Alan Parsons Project. A US district court gave the decision in favor of Parsons and demanded that the Respondent pay $5 million in damages. The Alan Parsons Project were a Scottish English Rock band. The band’s core membership included only two individuals: Alan Parsons and Eric Woolson.  To promote the band, the...

Tussle for reaching a level of ‘Higher Spiritualism’


The cases of trademark dispute are a part of the commercial sphere. Competitive companies are bound to disagree over use of some common terms amongst themselves. However, it seems that spiritual institutions like the Churches are also not free from such situations.  WIPO recently came across a dispute between two Churches regarding the use of two domain names, namely registered by someone?


Fevicol is as common in India as is bread. From a deprived Rickshaw puller to the CEO of a conglomerate, Fevicol is known by one and all. It was hence quite shocking to find that was under registered by someone else and parties had to reach WIPO.  Fevicol is a product of Pidilite Industries Limited. The company has been in operation since 1969. The company has been selling...

Panel takes side of the Respondent with more than 15 negative UDRP


McCoy & Partners B.V. is a company based in the Netherlands. The Company provides information technology consultancy services since its incorporation in 2012. The company functions under the domain name and uses McCoy for its services. The company was however aggrieved over the registration and continued use of the domain name The Company tried to contact and...

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