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You will need CEO’s permission to register more than 1 .in domain name


There have been some changes in registering .in domain names. Individuals wishing to register more than one .in domain name would have to seek permission from CEO of National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI). NIXI is the sponsor of India’s ccTLD .in. Registered companies can register upto 100 domain names. However, to register more than that, they too need to seek the CEO’s...

All .eu domain names held by UK, cancelled


Yesterday, all .eu domain names under UK citizens and organizations were cancelled permanently. This marked the completion of the long .eu domain names adaptation to Brexit.  The process had started at the beginning of the last year itself. At the start of 2021, a number of domain names showed a ‘suspended’ sign. The domain names could have been reinstated once the registrant showed the necessary...

When Ferrari schooled two domain names


Ferrari once had a very interesting interaction with two domain names.  The case originated from a slight inconvenience people had with Ferrari. Old Ferrari cars’ wiring diagrams in the manuals were very difficult to understand. They were poorly written, improperly scanned, used Italian nomenclature and were all black wired. People needed an easier version, but Ferrari didn’t...

Gulf Power merged to Florida Power and Light company


Gulf Power, a company that has been in existence since 1925, was merged into Florida Power and Company. From 1st of January, Gulf Power would be officially called Florida Power and Light Company.  Following the name change, the original domain name of Gulf Power won’t be functional. Gulf Power used to function on the domain name The website is up on the domain name as of now... has been acquired by this company

M has a new owner. There isn’t any website on the domain name yet, but the buyer is very excited about the prospects of this domain name. The buyer is WholisticResearch. WholisticResearch is an organisation that focuses on the development and marketing of nootropics. Nootropics, aso called ‘smart drugs’ are a certain category of drugs that intend to enhance the performance of the...

Last few hours of Dynadot’s huge discounts


Who doesn’t like discounts? And discounts on domain names are always welcomed. In case you want to invest in some premium domain names, Dynadots has a domain name sale going on. However, you need to be fast as the discounts will last only until the end of 2021. Dynadot is offering a staggering 50% of discount on selected premium domain names. Domain names with the extensions .club, .co, .biz, ...

Union of Missouri switches from a .org to .gov


Union is a city in the Franklin County of the state of Missouri. The city has opted for a change in the email addresses of the officials. Along with the email addresses, the city’s official domain name also might go for the change.  The city operates on a .org domain name. The city’s current domain name is However, the city wants a .gov domain name. The new email...

Different Second level .tr domains under TRABIS


In a previous post we talked about TRABIS. We talked about how the .tr domain names are going through a change in management. However, there are other Second level .tr domain names too. How does the change pan out on them?  As of now, the extension is controlled by (to be changed from January, 2022). There are several restrictions under The domain name registration requires...

The Top 10 most popular domain names of 2021


So, the year has come to an end. Another year of pandemic. Yes, it’s been almost 2 years of Coronavirus now! The world has changed a lot in this year, but what’s the status of most popular Domain Names?  Cloudflare has published the list of the most popular Domain Names in 2021. And the list has been a bit of a shocker, for all the non-millennials at least. has lost...

A look into the ‘Namecheap Domain Insights and Trends Report’


Namecheap has published its annual Domain Insights and Trends Report. The 2021 report is based on data collected from the previous 12 months, and gives an overview of the performance of different Top-level domains (TLDs).  The report tells us about the most popular TLDs in the world. There are no surprises at the top spot. .com is still the champion among the TLDs and has maintained its spot in...

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