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Companies refraining from Social Media LogIns


LogIns to a new platform can be a hassling task. Entering a new User Id and then remembering the Password is a step that many avoid. In such cases, LogIns through Social Media handles come handy. No need for a new set of credentials. However, this convenience is going to lapse soon. Many firms are opting out of these kinds of LogIns. The list includes the likes of Dell, Amazon and Nike. You can...

Mercedes brand campaign finds a smart critique


Mercedes Benz had recently launched, Nature or Nothing brand campaign. As the name suggests, it focussed on increasing sensitivity and awareness towards the environmental danger we all are in. However, the campaign’s chances of a global exposure was cut short because of one witty reply. Nature or Nothing was aimed at promoting Mercedes’ series of electric vehicles. It showcased various pictures...

Identity Digital makes its way to the Inc. 5000 2022 List


Inc. magazine has released its Inc. 5000 list for 2022. The list gives deep insights into the fastest growing private companies in the United States. The 2022 edition of the list finds a mention of Identity Digital. Identity Digital has been placed at the #2,937 position. Identity Digital had shown an overwhelming growth rate of 184%. It was present in the Business Products & Services...

Azure drags Microsoft to the High Court for its name


Brand name is an extremely vital component for any business, upon which seldom would any firm budge down. But what if the company using your name is Microsoft?  Azure Knowledge Corporation Pvt Ltd is a firm that has held firm against protecting its brand name, from one court to another. Azure registered the trademark rights over AZURE in 1998. However, the mark was being used by Microsoft...

Delhi High Court restrains fake Amazon domain names


Delhi High Court has taken strict action against two domain names that were infringing upon the trademarks of Amazon.The domains were trying to fraud people in the garb of offering a chance to set up Amazon Easy Store.  Two domain names namely and were used to organize the fraudulent campaign. Amazon Easy is a new program by the E-Commerce conglomerate. The...

Is Apple switching from China to India?


China is the production capital of the world. China’s economic missile is based on this fuel. The country has been criticised for its working conditions, but it still continues to be the destination for all MNCs.  However, a recent announcement by Apple might change things for China. Apple has announced that it has communicated with the Chinese manufacturers that it is going to...

ByteDance cancels ‘Jinqiu’ name for its VC firm


ByteDance has surprisingly cancelled the name of its proposed VC firm. Earlier, TikTok’s parent company had announced the launch of a new VC firm called ‘Jinqiu Venture Capital’. However, ByteDance has now said that they won’t be going on with ‘Jinqiu’ name.  People are now looking for the reason behind the sudden change in the name of the VC firm. The...

How a search engine optimization specialist defeated Amazon


The bigger companies have a peculiar knack for humble beginnings. Be it Apple, Amazon Google all started with a small garage. The trend seems to be continuing today as well.  Chris Xu was a former Search Engine Optimization marketing specialist. Xu started a company called ZZKKO, which sold Wedding Dresses. The company then shifted to general womenswear with a new name Sheinside and a domain name...

The love story of iPod and Podcast


Love, like humans, has different forms. Different forms and different stories. However, the classic romantic story enthusiast cannot but accept his undying affection for the classic romantic stories. The story where our King emerges out of fire and protects our Queen, only to be separated at the end. The story begins with a computer company who had suddenly started producing handheld music...

A look in Brand Finance’s Media 50 2022 report


Brand Finance, world’s leading brand valuation consultancy has released its Media 50 2022 report. The report discusses the best performing media brands in the year and this year trends reflect the institutional design of the media sphere as well as contemporary alterations to it.  Google has retained its spot at the apex position in the list. With a 34% increased brand value at the...

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