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A look in Brand Finance’s Media 50 2022 report


Brand Finance, world’s leading brand valuation consultancy has released its Media 50 2022 report. The report discusses the best performing media brands in the year and this year trends reflect the institutional design of the media sphere as well as contemporary alterations to it.  Google has retained its spot at the apex position in the list. With a 34% increased brand value at the...

Top Chinese companies register new Chinese domain names


The China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) is the agency that administers the Chinese ccTLD .cn and .中国. The organization has announced that as many as 10 Companies among the top 500 companies have booked the domestic domain names. The list of bigshots that have done the registration includes the likes of Vivo, Xiaomi, Tencent Cloud, etc.  These are the domain names that some of...

Who does the name ‘Vogue’ belong to?


Advance Magazine Publishers is an old American media company. The company this year would turn into a Centurion. However, the company landed into a legal battle over the domain name The publishers have trademarks over the term ‘Vogue’ and have USPTO registrations that go back as far as 1919. It also has with it the domain names and However, a

Unstoppable Domains finds mention in Forbes’ list


Forbes has published its recent list of America’s Best Startup Employers. The fourth edition of the annually published report gauges the employment conditions in the Startup industry. The list was composed after assessing 2,500 US businesses which had more than 50 employers and were founded between 2012 and 2019. Finally after much evaluations , a list of 500 top employers was formed and...

Do you know what the original name of was?


Gmail is synonymous with emails. You may have switched on to another browser considering the privacy issues Google’s Search Engine has been currently facing. But whether you use the Search Engine or not Gmail must be there in your device. But did you know the household mailing platform wasn’t originally named Initially the whole service was started by Google Employees as a...

Have you checked ByteDance’s new apparel domain name?


After changing the internet consumption pattern globally, ByteDance appears to have put its feet in the apparel sector as well. A report originally published by Egain News, claims that ByteDance has started a new apparel brand Dmonstudio. The new brand deals exclusively in Women Clothing. Dmonstudio platform claims to be present in more than 100 countries. The platform primarily functions on two...

How did the apps perform in 2021


2021 has come to an end. A new year awaits, full of exciting news and possibilities. However, it is also the time to look at how different things performed in the year. Today, we are discussing the app sector. A report by App Annie, has stated a huge jump in people spending on apps worldwide. The 2021 figure stood at $135 billion. This is a whopping 20% increase as compared to the figures of...

When Ferrari schooled two domain names


Ferrari once had a very interesting interaction with two domain names.  The case originated from a slight inconvenience people had with Ferrari. Old Ferrari cars’ wiring diagrams in the manuals were very difficult to understand. They were poorly written, improperly scanned, used Italian nomenclature and were all black wired. People needed an easier version, but Ferrari didn’t...

Internet Association is no more


Internet Association, the lobbying group that represented big tech companies, is no more. In a post published by the Association, it was announced that at the end of this year, the Association will be closed.  The reason behind this step is the lack of funding. Microsoft and Uber left the Association in the previous month. They were the major contributors to the Association. The reason was also...

17 Major pirated domain names blocked


In what might be considered a huge win for the Creative Entertainment industry, 17 Major Piracy Domain Names have been blocked by an injunction in a UK court. All the majority ISPs would not allow access to these blocked domain names.  Different big Hollywood Studios including Disney and Netflix were up against these domain names. All of these Studios and Netflix collectively formed the...

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