Public library domain name displays an Adult Toy Store


Citizens of Hampton, commonwealth of Virginia are facing a weird situation for a week. The residents of the city are unable to access their Public Library’s online portal. It’s not that the website is down, rather it points to an Adult Toy Store! People of the city were intrigued when they clicked on their public library domain Instead of the usual portal of the library...

4 lettered domain name attracts RDNH


Short lettered domain names are always in demand. These short names can be used as sleek and funky company names or they can be used as an acronym for a long company name. Such domains are thus wanted by many, sometimes there can be competing wants and this clash of wants results in domain name disputes. Law and Business Enterprises Worldwide S.L. is a company based in Spain. The company provides...

Why has the Turkish court blocked the domain


A Turkish Court has recently blocked the domain name The blockade came amid global online protest regarding the domain name with the promulgated hashtag #HavritaKapatilsin (Shut Down Havrita). So what was all the fuss about? is a social platform that aims at locating street dogs. The name Havrita is an amalgamation of Hav, i.e., Bark and Harita i.e., a map. The complete...

Oprah shuts down fan over trademark infringement


Brand value is the most precious thing for any company. There are limits and bounds to which they’d go to protect, promote and progress their brand. However, how does this stand out when a fan uses the brand name in some way to show their love for it? And what happens when that brand name is Oprah? Oprah has prominent fans in Kellie Carter Jackson and Leah Wright Rigueur. These two ladies operate...

Italian Wine with the Nazi branding


Nazism is considered an untouchable political ideology, with even an association with it being taken as a strong political accusation. There has been extreme censoring of the data and information related to it. Displaying Nazi symbols is considered blasphemy. Amid these conditions, an Italian Winemark continues to sell liquor with its Nazi Branding. An Italian winemaker Vini Lunardelli (formerly... sold for $15 million!


The domain name industry finally has something to rejoice upon. It has been reported that the domain name has been sold for $15 million. With this multi-million dollar deal, the domain name has become the second highest publicly reported domain sale till date. Second only to The name of the buyer of the domain name hasn’t been announced yet. But we know that the buyer has some...

The most valuable Crypto Domain Names


The internet is in a transition between the old to the new. Decentralised Web is the future and it is affecting the skeleton of the internet itself. Traditional domain names are now facing an increasingly growing competition from the Crypto domain names. Crypto domain names haven’t yet reached the acceptability and brand value that the conventional domain names have achieved, however the...

Pro-Palestine website spreads fear among Massachusetts’ Jews


A number of news platforms have reported about the presence of a controversial Pro-Palestine domain name that seems to disrupt the environment in Massachusetts. The website has caused special trouble for the Jewish community living there.  The domain name of the website hasn’t been announced yet. This has been done to stop the spread of the content of the unsettling website. The website...

This .flights domain name is priced at $60 million


Domain Names can be pricey. If the domain name you require is small sized, popular, catchy and generic in nature, it can cost in millions of dollars., is a shining example of this which was sold at $30 million, which remains the costliest domain name ever. However, a new domain name could topple this record.  A report by EIN news claims that a domain name’s price has exceeded...

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