Far left members use domain name to harass Supreme Court judges


The United States’ political scenario is more divided than it has ever been. People’s political awareness has increased and this causes people to make extravagant displays of affection towards their preferred ideology and a similar amount of hatred and contempt towards the other ideology.  The far left politics has continued its over the borderline attacks on Institutions and...

Domain Name blockage suspends social benefits of doctors


Domain Names play a vital role in the global ecosystem, more than we give it credit for. The entire information supply chain is based on domain names, and the collapse of some of them can cause troubles unimaginable. As evident from this example.  A number of doctors in France are facing difficulties in getting their Social reimbursements. In France, doctors get reimbursements when they...

Roofvertising, the new trend in branding


What is branding? In a very simplistic way, branding is something that makes your products and services visible to the buyer. Among an ocean of choices, branding is that differentiating factor that makes the customer choose you over them all.  Branding has an undeniable linkage with the contemporary issues of the world. Prevailing notions of the World dictate the branding strategies of...

Phishing attacks in Singapore increased by 829% in 2021


Zscaler ThreatLabz has released the State of Phishing Report 2022. The Report highlights different trends related to phishing scams in the previous year.  According to the report, phishing scams increased worldwide by 23%. The US is the most phished country in the world with it attracting more than 60% of all attacks. The US is followed by Singapore, Germany and the Netherlands. However, the most...

International Olympics Committee face disappointment over this domain name


The International Olympics Committee is the authority which is responsible for conducting all the Olympics games. The IOC however was troubled over the misuse of a domain name. To counter it, the committee filed for a UDRP Complaint.  The Complaint was filed for the domain name The Complainant, i.e, the IOC, claimed the ownership of several trademarks over THE OLYMPICS STORE...

European Police teams up to take action against domain names


European Police have taken a joint action against an entity selling sensitive user data online. Several domain names related to the notorious platform RaidForums through the operation named TOURNIQUET.  EuroPol has achieved this through hard work and determined planning. The platform RaidForums operated through the principal domain name Two other domain names pointed to it:...’s homage to Putin

L is a very interesting domain name. The domain isn’t used for commercial and service purposes. Rather, it is used to criticize and condemn popular personalities that the  registrant finds displeasing.  The domain name as of now, is redirected towards the Wikipedia page of the Russian President Vladimir Putin. Exact date of this redirection wasn’t found, but it was...

Could a domain name registration end in a freaking Nation Formation?


How much can you do from a domain name? Start your blog, initiate your long awaited business plan or to marketize your shop better online. But in the long list of all those things that might happen to you after a domain name registration, formation of a nation certainly won’t find any mentions. Not even in your wildest dreams. However, this is what has actually happened! Gareth Johnson, co...

Is 65,000 times return on a domain name enough?


Investment is a tricky affair. You hit the right spot and you are all happy, while if you press the wrong button it leads you straight to your therapist. But still, the crazy investment stories keep everyone hooked on this game. Today we are going to learn about a similar story.  Domm Holland is an entrepreneur based in Australia. In 2010, he invested a very meagre amount on a domain name...

Domain Names and Kanye’s Presidential Campaign


It’s been almost 2 years since Kanye ran for presidency. Kanye’s bid to redo the Trump phenomenon didn’t end well for the rapper. However, there are some other untouched aspects of the campaign, hints of which can be found in domain names.  Kanye’s campaign was largely considered bipartisan. However, certain findings point otherwise. Kanye’s campaign got the...

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