First ever DNS Forum in Asia Pacific Region


The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is about to launch its new edition of Domain Name System (DNS) Forum for the Asia Pacific Reason. The virtually conducted forum would be the first event of its type in the Asia Pacific Reason. In order for ICANN’s DNS policies to be holistic, inclusive and acceptable to all, ICANN conducts such forums worldwide. These forums allow...

This Assam Company has named its product on Zelenskyy


The World is divided yet again. The crisis in Ukraine has divided the Globe into two poles. Both sides support their cause on different narratives with heavy political leanings, built on it. Amid this a beautiful message of solidarity has been proposed by an Assamese Company. Aromica Tea Company has launched it’s new strong Assamese black tea. The Company has named the new product in the...

.fr rises, despite falling Global market

AFNIC has posted the annual figures for .fr domain names. The figures highlight the strengthening of ccTLD in France’s domain ecosystem. .fr is the ccTLD of France. The French extension is operated by the Association française pour le nommage Internet en coopération (AFNIC). AFNIC, posted about the ccTLD’s performance in 2021. In the previous year the company maintained its growth as...

2 days to go for .au domain registration


.au domain space is going to begin registrations from March. We’ve posted about that. But do you know how close the launch is? It’s in just 2 days!  From 24 March, .au registration will begin for the holders of domain names. .au domain names were reserved for owners of the same Second-level domain names under This was done on a Priority Allocation Process. The...

Does redirecting one domain name to another constitute fair use?


Many times people register domain names for actual usage and many times they are redirected to a primary name. What is the status of such activity when it comes to domain name disputes? Would it count as fair use? FORUM received a dispute involving the domain name The complainant was a cloud based document redaction platform which operates under the domain name It...

DuckDuckGo has made some changes in websites ranking


DuckDuckGo CEO, Gabriel Weinberg, in a Twitter post has announced that they are going to make some changes in their website rankings. He wrote that like many others, he is also disturbed by the Ukraine Crisis. Amid the ongoing events, he announced that DuckDuckGo is going to down-rank Russian domain names spreading misinformation. Along with the Physical War there is also a Narrative War going on...

A domain name that ‘warns’ you about classic novels


Books are rightly called the best friends one can have. One cannot stop and wonder about how these books can create such worlds full of colors, people and emotions so beautifully and intricately. In that temptation, for those worlds, one keeps coming to these books again and again. However, in those worlds sometimes there are also certain disturbing things, sometimes overt but most of the times...

Second level .tz domain name to be made available


Tanzania has announced the launch of new .tz domain names. Second level domain name registrations under the Top-level domain .tz would begin soon. This wasn’t possible earlier. Earlier, only third level domain names under second level .tz  domains such as,,, etc. The domain names will be available in 3 phases, starting from 1st of March. In phase 1, Category 1 holders of...

When Department of Labor domain name was spoofed


While going through my research related to domain names, I stumbled upon this awesome podcast called Federal Drive with Tom. In an episode, Mr. Roger Kay came as a guest and talked about an interesting phishing scam related to the Department of Labor.  Kay during his work noticed a pattern in a number of cases reported by users. They were all about a scam related to the DOL. The scamsters...

ENS domain names falter after spike in November


A report by Dune Analytics has been published on the status of ENS domain names. The trends shown in the report can be worrying for ENS domain names.  The trends show a fall in the number of .eth domain name registrations on a monthly basis. The number has continued to fall since its peak in November, the previous year. The reason for that spike was the sudden interest in ENS domain name...

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