Budweiser launches a NFT racing game


In our previous post, we had talked about how Budweiser entered into the NFT space with the purchase of the spot-on domain Beer.eth. The company sought to establish the company’s branding in the upcoming blockchain space. The company has delved further into decentralised branding with the launch of a new NFT Racing game.  Budweiser in association with popular NFT Digital Horse Racing firm...

Radix’s unique branding to promote .tech TLD


Radix is an interesting new take on the popular gTLDs. The company hopes to replace the age-old, boring gTLDs with the TLDs for the new ages which it calls ‘new TLD’, or nTLD.  The company has also been quite successful in its vision, by showing a continued growth. In the industry where there are hundreds of different extensions available for the consumer, how is Radix holding...

Women in Abu Dhabi to get free Blockchain domain names


Abu Dhabi has very exciting news for all of its female residents. The city is going to provide some sort of a digital bouquet, for free. The bouquet includes cryptocurrency, a NFT and a Blockchain domain name.  The initiative has been launched by the city’s agencies: Access Abu Dhabi and the Abu Dhabi Investment Office (ADIO) as well as the leading blockchain domain company Unstoppable Domains...

Is Apple switching from China to India?


China is the production capital of the world. China’s economic missile is based on this fuel. The country has been criticised for its working conditions, but it still continues to be the destination for all MNCs.  However, a recent announcement by Apple might change things for China. Apple has announced that it has communicated with the Chinese manufacturers that it is going to...’s branding in the London Domain Name summit


Domain Name enthusiasts across the world are excited. London Domain Summit has been announced, which will bring domain name investors, brokers, lawyers and hosting providers across the world to network with each other. The event has been organised at perhaps the best domain name they could have got. It is Summit.London. Another interesting thing about the event is its Presenting Sponsor.

New York Court’s decision could pave way for future NFT regulations


The New Court has presented an interim decision regarding a dispute between Hermès and a ‘self-proclaimed’ artist. The decision involves, and could provide light in the direction, NFTs would be looked at legally.  The dispute involves a collection of 100 NFTs released by an individual called Mason Rothschild. The NFTs depicted several combinations of transformed pictures of a...

PIR invites entries for 2022 .ORG Impact Awards


Public Internet Registry (PIR), the registry behind all  .org domain names has invited entries for 2022 .ORG Impact Awards.  .ORG Impact Awards is an annual event organised to commemorate the brilliant Social and Public works, done by different Organisations across the world.  This is the 4th edition of the awards and we are pretty excited about it. Earlier, in the previous editions of the...

WhatsApp to roll customised Domain Names features


WhatsApp is cooking something awesome for us all. WABetaInfo has reported that the instant messaging application is going to roll out two premium new features. And one of them is a customized domain name feature.  Before we delve into the features it is important to note that these features are not free. What? So, WhatsApp is going to charge us now? No, no. Wait. WhatsApp Business is going to...

Cygames hint at new game release via domain name and trademark registrations


Cygames is a Japanese Video games company. The company which has a 5% stake allotted to Nintendo is all geared up for the release of a new game.  The company had registered the domain name The company had also filed for trademarks in Japan over the Akiba Maid War mark. On May 17th, the company was allotted the trademarks over the mark. These developments assured that the...

This .cn domain name was behind the Buffalo Shooter


The Buffalo shooting has shocked the world. The unending cases of gun violence in the US can’t be ignored anymore. And neither can the association of the far right with such incidents.  The perpetrator of this tragedy had earlier posted a long plan of the crime before committing it. In this document the shooter had alleged being heavily influenced by a website at a .cn domain.  The...

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