Amid speculations of a name change, could Facebook be switching TO this domain name?


I’m sure your newsfeed would have been bombarded with the news of Facebook trying to adopt a new name. Well, so has been mine! Facebook, the social media giant is planning for a name change, which might be concluded this month. Everyone is speculating about the new name.  There have been many names that have been suggested. Some people have been claiming the name ‘Horizon‘...

Cybertruck’s specifications removed from


The pandemic halted our daily lives in a huge way. From our weekend dinners to pre planned vacations, everything was delayed. Global economy and manufacturing capabilities of MNCs weren’t so different either. And it looks like the company belonging to the world’s richest person was neither an exception.  As reported by Car and Driver, the specifications of the eagerly awaited... embraces a new CEO

R, a popular domain registrar and web hosting company has announced the appointment of a new Chief Executive Officer. The company appointed Connor Malcolm as it’s new CEO stated a report by Before this, Connor has worked as Brand Strategist for JCM Consulting. Connor has also worked as the Senior Director Marketing Operations for Momentous Corp, the parent company of Rebel...

Various issues hindering growth of Bangladeshi ccTLDs


A recent post by the Business Standard, states that the total number of registered domains in .bd fell from 46,800 in 2019 to  31,402 in October, 2021. This comes in as more of the thrust on worldwide business entities has been to shift to online modes because of Covid induced lockdowns. Even in such situations, a fall in net registrations does indicate some issues flagging the Bangladeshi ccTLD...

This city’s TLD just came LIVE


Top level domains have existed for a long time. So have ccTLDs. Now even city’s are getting their own TLDs. The latest addition to the list is the city of Zurich.  Although the domain name was requested way back in 2012, the extension wasn’t available to all. The extension until now was only used by the local government. However, the great potential of the city and the economic...

Qatar Petroleum rebrands to a new name


COP26  Global Summit Glasgow is just at the doors. The conference on climate change is going to attract worldwide attention as parties around the globe present their contributions related to lowering carbon levels. Amid this, an interesting development was seen.  Qatar Petroleum, one of the state run companies of the oil rich country has rebranded itself. The oil company will now be known as...

Covenant Logistics’ logic behind name change AND a new website


Covenant logistics, or as you would have rather known it before now as Covenant Transportation, has completed its re-branding and name change process. The company has shifted its name, replacing the earlier word ‘Transportation‘ by a new term ‘Logistics‘.  The rebranding and name change came as a step to broaden the functionality and scope of activities that the company...

PIR get its new CTO


Public Interest Registry, the company that manages the .org has appointed its new Chief Technology Officer. The company has appointed the vastly experienced Rick Wilhelm at its senior most technology post.  Rick has a plethora of working knowledge related to domain name registry and registrar services. Rick had been earlier working as VP Platform Management for VeriSign, the registry for ...

Special Auction For 100+ .CO Domains On Sedo


Sedo, one of the leading domain marketplaces, today revealed a one of its kind ‘No Reserve’ auction for .co domains, an event with mostly English keyword domains from July 23 to July 30, 2020. It is holding the auction to commemorate .co’s ten-year anniversary. It was on July 20, 2010 that the TLD was opened for the general public to register, as it’s also the ccTLD for Colombia. The hundred and...

Nominet Seeks Feedback On New Policy For Expiring .UK Domains


Nominet, the registry that handles the .uk domains and its family of sub-domains, today proposed its new policy on expiring .uk domains. This new development follows on from previous policy discussions on domain drop lists. Its new decision sets-out to allow a more transparent and informed process for registrars and the general public to know when an expired domain would be made available for re...

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