Unstoppable Domains partners with OKC


Unstoppable Domains, one of the most promising companies in the crypto domain sector has finalized yet another collaboration. This time it is with the  Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and Inter‑Blockchain Communication (IBC) compatible OKX Chain (OKC). Payment through long crypto codes is an intriguing task. Amid this, Unstoppable Domains easy-to-remember short crypto domain names come in handy. A...

Chain’s CEO acquires Patriots.eth


The Crypto industry is aggressively entering every nook and corner of modern businesses. The National Football League is no different. Recently, legislation was passed allowing teams to integrate with Blockchain companies. Post this, collaborations were initiated, starting with Dallas Cowboys and Now, the New England Patriots have joined the party as well. The NFL’s New...

Cryptocurrency run by Pakistani people trying to dupe TATA


Delhi High Court has admitted a case against a cryptocurrency that was trying to use the TATA name to sell its coins. The company is said to be a company run by Pakistani people, but based in the UK. The company that is in question here is Hakuna Matata. The company has been selling cryptocurrencies under the brand name TATA.  The Court admitted that it cannot be the case that the...

Space Id trying to redo the ENS phenomenon


ENS domain names have hit the industry hard. These domains contribute to 99% of all of OpenSea’s domain name sales. The recently concluded Merge of ENS is going to give the blockchain company another push by reducing the energy consumption substantially.  It seems another company is trying to redo the phenomenon. Space Id is an upcoming domain name company that seems to uphold the enthusiastic...

ENS reports its 3rd best month in August


ENS has kept its unprecedented growth continued in the month of August as well. The blockchain domain company has reported its third highest monthly figures after July and May in August. In August 2022, ETH registered a net 301,000 new .eth domain name registrations. With this the total number of .eth domain names crossed the figure of 2.17 million. August was also the month when the net number...

Tax on .ETH domain names?


Domain Name renewals is the most tiresome task for domain investors. It takes a good chunk of your clock and your wallet as well. However, what if there was a tax on domain names? Yes, you heard that right. And this is not some obscure registry thinking about such actions. Its the co-founder of ETH. Vitalik Buterin recently proposed having a tax on .eth domain names. He propounded that a 3%...

Which companies have the biggest investments in the Crypto sector?


In a very short stint, the Crypto sector has left its mark. The industry is the most interesting sector right now, with businesses looking to have more of its share globally. Touted to be the next internet, it becomes of significance as to who is backing this revolution? Let’s have a look. Alphabet Google’s parent company is the biggest investor in the Crypto sector. The company has...

More than 250 Crypto addresses blocked


Popular cryptocurrency exchange Uniswap has blocked more than 250 crypto addresses. All of the blocked addresses were indulged in different illegal activities. The blocked list includes those who were either blocked by the government or indulged in stealing money. The addresses blocked by the government were related to a privacy tool named Tornado Cash. The tool was blocked by the US Government...

Telegram to sell Usernames, Channel links as NFTs


Telegram CEO has announced that Telegram’s Usernames, Groups and Channel links would be sold as Non-fungible Token like Smart contracts. The announcement was made from the CEO’s Telegram channel. Telegram has different unique names that can be used as Usernames, Channel links. They can be suffixed to and be used, such as He Your_Name is a unique attribute and some of...

ENS domains cross the 2 million mark


Earlier, this month we had reported about the strong growth of Ethereum Name Service (ENS) domains maintained month over month. The crypto domains is growing fast and strong as the total number of ETH domains has now crossed the 2 million mark. In a tweet ENS.eth announced the achievement over the important milestone. The name system continued its thundering growth in August also. At the end of...

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