Would .HipHop rise?


HipHop isn’t a genre of music, but a lifestyle in itself. Them sick old beats have accompanied us in our darkest of times to our glorious ones. However, surprisingly the domain name industry hasn’t done appropriate justice with the industry.  The .HipHop domain name has been around for sometime, but the registration of related domain names hasn’t shown any exceptional and...

HUMBL completes the rebranding with a new domain name


HUMBL is seeking to complete its rebranding with the acquisition of a new domain name. The blockchain company that was formerly known as HUMBLpay, has acquired the domain name  The company had its domain name shifted to orient to the new branding attempt. The domain name was earlier in use by the company. This domain name now redirects to the newly acquired domain...

Tussle over two crypto companies over this domain name


Making a place for yourself on the internet is not easy. You have to keep your eyes and ears open all the time. A miss of even a few days could have a long term impact on your venture, as in our current case study.  WIPO was presented before a case of dispute related to the domain name bybt .com. The Complainant is a crypto exchange operator. Since 2018 the Complainant has been operating the...

Unstoppable Domains finds mention in Forbes’ list


Forbes has published its recent list of America’s Best Startup Employers. The fourth edition of the annually published report gauges the employment conditions in the Startup industry. The list was composed after assessing 2,500 US businesses which had more than 50 employers and were founded between 2012 and 2019. Finally after much evaluations , a list of 500 top employers was formed and...

In a roaring support for Women Empowerment, Indian Women get their own TLD


Women issues are getting more highlight, coverage and understandability that was never seen before. The half of the population that was for long been marginalised, is getting its voice politically, economically and socially. Adding to this revolution, has been another major development, this time from our sisters in India. Agaamin, has launched a new TLD exclusively for Indian Women. Beginning...

ENS domain names falter after spike in November


A report by Dune Analytics has been published on the status of ENS domain names. The trends shown in the report can be worrying for ENS domain names.  The trends show a fall in the number of .eth domain name registrations on a monthly basis. The number has continued to fall since its peak in November, the previous year. The reason for that spike was the sudden interest in ENS domain name...

Eminem has bought half-a-million dollar NFT


Begin 2022 and even Eminem has bought a NFT. Yes, Eminem has joined the frenzy. The iconic rapper has bought Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT #9055. Eminem has bought the NFT for a price of 123.45 Ethereum. This was equivalent to $453,000 at the time of purchase. OpenSea sold the NFT, and has also created a new name for the buyer. The NFT is mentioned to be owned by Shady_Holdings. A nod to the...

.भ domain names are now available

New year has brought some very exciting news for the domain name industry. A new Top-level domain (TLD) has been launched in India. This new TLD has been named .भ. .भ represents the first letter of the term, Bharat, in the Devanagari script. Bharat is another name for the country of India in Devanagari. These new domain names have been launched by a Gurugram based start-up called ‘Agaamin’. ...

What’s with the rush for .xyz in the Crypto companies?


.xyz is one of the most popular TLDs present today. In fact in the year 2021, among all other TLDs, .xyz was behind only .com. However, there has been a rise in the popularity of the extension among the Crypto and decentralized internet entities. Why’s so?  The reason behind this is the CEO of the company, as well as .xyz’s universal appeal. The CEO and Founder of .xyz was fascinated...

Domain Story:


The domain name was under dispute a few months ago. The Complainant in the case was Gridiron Fiber Corp. and Lumos Networks. The Respondent was Yui Quan, who is a domain name investor. The Complainant argued that it has trademark rights over the term ‘Lumos Networks’. The domain name was confusingly similar to its own trademarks and domain name It contested...

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