17 Major pirated domain names blocked


In what might be considered a huge win for the Creative Entertainment industry, 17 Major Piracy Domain Names have been blocked by an injunction in a UK court. All the majority ISPs would not allow access to these blocked domain names.  Different big Hollywood Studios including Disney and Netflix were up against these domain names. All of these Studios and Netflix collectively formed the...

The Top 10 most popular domain names of 2021


So, the year has come to an end. Another year of pandemic. Yes, it’s been almost 2 years of Coronavirus now! The world has changed a lot in this year, but what’s the status of most popular Domain Names?  Cloudflare has published the list of the most popular Domain Names in 2021. And the list has been a bit of a shocker, for all the non-millennials at least. has lost...

Wanna celebrate Festivus? This domain name might help you


Yesterday was Festivus. Yes, 23rd of December, the day of Festivus. If you are not aware of it, you clearly have some great TV shows unwatched.  Festivus is an alternative secular festival designed to resist the excessive hype and commercialization of Christmas. The concept was first proposed by writer Daniel O’Keefe. But it became a part of pop culture once it was aired on the Final season...

World’s first SMS sold as a NFT


Vodafone has sold World’s first SMS to be sent. They were sold at a Paris Auction House called Aguttes Auction House, as reported by Deutsche Welle. The Auction fetched €107, 000 which is equal to a whooping $121, 000. World’s first SMS was sent on 3rd December, 1992. It’s been almost 3 decades since! What’s even more exciting is the content of the text. The text was a...

Chris Noth’s domain name lost amid sexual assault allegations


Chris Noth is at the centre of several allegations of sexual assault. As of now, 3 women have raised their voice against the ‘Sex and the City’ actor.  Many companies are now cutting their ties with Chris Noth. As reported by The Sun, Entertainment Arts Research, Inc. has cancelled the deal for the acquisition of Ambhar. Ambhar is a tequila brand that belonged to Noth. In fact the... to stay with France


The US Supreme Court has given a decision that could end a prolonged dispute that has been going on for the past 5 years. The dispute is an epic tussle for the prized possession of The contesting parties in this dispute is one Jean-Noël Frydman and the French Government. Frydman had registered the domain name way back in 1994. He had the trademark rights for the name in the US as well...

Do you know YOU can RENT-A-HITMAN at this domain name?


The Internet is filled with several peculiar things. Things online never seem to disappoint us. Recently, I found out that there is a domain name that allows you to Rent-A-Hitman!  Yes, you heard that right. You can rent a Hitman to fatally hurt someone. They even boast an experience of more than a century. All of this can be found at: Just in case you are worried about the...

Grofers has rebranded to BlinkIt, but what about the domain name?


Grofers, an online grocery delivery platform, has rebranded itself to a new name. The new name is BlinkIt. But, what’s the status of the domain name of their new and old names?  When checked, was redirecting to BlinkIt’s domain name. However, what’s interesting is the choice of TLD. The new name does not rely on a .com domain name. Rather, the new domain name is...

Amazon to shut down


Who doesn’t love Alexa? Our own assitant and chatter in times of loneliness. However, Amazon has decided to shut down the domain name What effects does it have on our Alexa? is a domain name that has been around since a long time. Earlier Alexa wasn’t popular for Voice assistance but it’s popular was with something else. In 1996, Alexa was introduced...

Microsoft goes hard on several spy Chinese domain names


In a recent post we discussed how scamsters are targetting Microsoft. Looks like Microsoft has had it all. It has cracked down hard on a Chinese hacking group that used several domain names to steal sensitive information.  Microsoft has won a case against a hacking group that it calls Nickel. A judgement by The US District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia has ruled in favor of...

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