CategoryCrazy at 1 million dollars?


To be honest, the prices at which several of the NFTs have been sold have distorted what I consider ‘ridiculous’ when prices of entities are concerned. However, even my expanded view of ‘ridiculous’ pricing still can’t grab the fact that is available for $1 million!  Vamika Kohli is the name of the daughter of popular Indian Actress Anushka...

Forum’s unfair judgment on


Domain disputes are not always consistent with one other, if the broader perspectives are concerned. Each case has its own merit and should be looked upon objectively. However, often decisions come that are not easy to digest.  Forum witnessed a dispute between two parties over the use of domain name The Complainant is The Vanguard Group, Inc.  The Complainant is...

Domain name belonging to Pablo Escobar’s city under rivalry


Pablo Escobar is now a worldwide figure, thanks to Narcos. The druglord of Columbia came to the forefront after the release of the popular Netflix series. Along with Escobar, his city Medellin has not left the memory of the viewers.  Forum witnessed a domain name dispute regarding the domain name The Complainant was MedellinLiving LLC, while the Respondent was a private...

Cloudflare outage brings World Wide Web to a standstill


Cloudflare, an American company that manages the external facing resources, such as websites, of companies faced a peculiar problem. A number of its affiliate companies went unreachable today.  We would also like to inform you that all these websites are now back online and the problem behind the outage was sorted. After some time Cloudflare itself came with a very detailed explanation of...

A domain name revealed Putin’s billion dollar personal backing


A joint effort by the Organised Crime and Corruption Reporting Project and Russian news firm Meduza has found something important about Russian President Mr. Vladimir Putin. The joint effort found a network of assets related to the Russian head of state, value of which has been calculated to be a staggering £3.7 billion ($4.5 billion). The network consisted of 86 different Companies and Non...

QAnon, Indus.Gold and Rug Pull


QAnon is a conspiracy theory that says about the presence of a network of cannibalistic pedophiles working in consonance to bring down the erstwhile US President. The conspiracy theory links late president John F Kennedy, Donald Trump, Elon Musk and, if not weird enough already, Aliens!  QAnon could have been like any other conspiracy theory. However, Mashable reported that some people...

Someone registered and applied for trademarks


If you are not an Indian, the word Sholay might not ring any bells for you. However, if you are an Indian, the word would likely bring a range of emotions that will be difficult to gauge. Sholay is the name of one of the most popular and iconic Indian movies of all time. However, an interesting development regarding the 1975 made film came when someone registered a series of domain names related...

After Country’s name change, Turkish Airlines fears the same


Last month, the whole world was surprised when Turkey changed its name to Türkiye. The Turkish President Mr. Erdogan announced that the name was changed as it presents the country’s history and values in a more appropriate way.  After the nation’s name change, Erdogan has also announced that the Turkish Airlines would be renamed too. In his statement the Turkish President stated...

Playboy enters spirit market, launches Playboy Spirits


Playboy, the bringer of the ‘coming-of-age’ for a huge number of people, has brought something new for us all. The popular lifestyle brand has now ventured into the multi billion Spirits industry with the launch of Playboy Spirits.  Yes, you heard that right. You can now enjoy your glass of drink mixed with a Playboy spirit. The company marked the launch with the announcement of...

McDonald’s replacement in Russia launches new Logo


In an earlier post, we had talked about how McDonald’s was leaving the Russian market due to the ongoing tension. The popular restaurant chain sold over 850 restaurants in the country.  The restaurants were acquired by one of McDonald’s local licensee Alexander Govor at an undisclosed amount. The name of the new company that will be built over the remains of McDonald’s...

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