ENS domains cross the 2 million mark


Earlier, this month we had reported about the strong growth of Ethereum Name Service (ENS) domains maintained month over month. The crypto domains is growing fast and strong as the total number of ETH domains has now crossed the 2 million mark. In a tweet ENS.eth announced the achievement over the important milestone. The name system continued its thundering growth in August also. At the end of...

Does registering give trademark rights over Adventist?


Does registering a domain name give Trademark Rights over the terms involved in the domain name. UDRP is clear about the ownership of the domain name in such cases. The domain name belongs to the preceding party, i.e., whichever is registered first the Trademark or the domain name, the said name belongs to them. However, it does not talk about the ownership of the Trademark Rights. It does say so...

Delhi High Court’s important direction to Domain Name Registries


Earlier, we had informed about how the Delhi High Court had instructed Domain Name Registries (DNR) to cancel any domain name related to the trademark Meesho. The Court has presented a similar stance against another brand infringement via the deployment of domain names in cases related to the brand Snapdeal. The Delhi High Court was presented with a case where a number of domain names had been...

Domain name of one of the Oldest LINUX OS impersonated


Debian is a free open-source LINUX based Operating System. It is the oldest OS that is based on the monolithic LINUX kernel and has been in operation since 1993. There is a huge number of open source applications that can be run on this OS with varying operations that include domestic, business, manufacturing, etc. The OS faced a peculiar problem when one of the domain names related to it was...

Major Crypto Domain Name investor loses $150,000 over a joke


“What’s the Most You’ve Ever Lost on a Coin Toss?”. The popular dialogue by the Coen brothers, from the classic movie ‘No Country for Old men’ is perhaps the most appropriate metaphor to demonstrate this crazy story regarding a peculiar domain name transaction. A major crypto investor has lost over $150K over a joke surrounding an Ethereum Domain Name. The guy in question here is...

This .flights domain name is priced at $60 million


Domain Names can be pricey. If the domain name you require is small sized, popular, catchy and generic in nature, it can cost in millions of dollars., is a shining example of this which was sold at $30 million, which remains the costliest domain name ever. However, a new domain name could topple this record.  A report by EIN news claims that a domain name’s price has exceeded...

IP law firm awarded a RDNH


Domain Dispute procedure or any legal process in general is something that a common person on the streets might not be able to comprehend easily. However, law firms and especially Intellectual Property law firms should not be naive about the dispute resolution procedures.  WIPO witnessed a contention over the domain name by two parties. The Complainant here is Bartko Zankel Bunzel...

Brazilian Law Enforcement reigns in heavy on Piracy Domain Names


Brazilian Law Enforcement authorities are cracking down hard on websites that provide pirated contents. The law agencies have launched a special plan named ‘Operation 404‘ to tackle this issue.  Hundreds of domain names have been seized until now and numerous individuals have even been sent to jail, through various editions of ‘Operation 404‘. The operation is in its...

Politics over


It’s been 2 years since the death of George Floyd, that gripped the attention of the whole world and gave rise to the Black Lives Matter movement. The whole world was shocked at the murder of a Black man at the hands of brutal Police violence. Since then, the topic has been a heavy part of political and social discourse.  However, the repercussions of the George Floyd incident can be... at 1 million dollars?


To be honest, the prices at which several of the NFTs have been sold have distorted what I consider ‘ridiculous’ when prices of entities are concerned. However, even my expanded view of ‘ridiculous’ pricing still can’t grab the fact that is available for $1 million!  Vamika Kohli is the name of the daughter of popular Indian Actress Anushka...

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