Far left members use domain name to harass Supreme Court judges


The United States’ political scenario is more divided than it has ever been. People’s political awareness has increased and this causes people to make extravagant displays of affection towards their preferred ideology and a similar amount of hatred and contempt towards the other ideology.  The far left politics has continued its over the borderline attacks on Institutions and...

Barcelona Jersey Number claimed through this domain name


Football icons have a different place in the heart of football fans worldwide. Their connection goes beyond the entertainment level and reaches a much deeper level.  This could be seen in the way collectibles belonging to them are preserved and cherished by the fans all around. Even the action figures of retired icons are almost always sold out. That’s the craze for the sport among the...

Chicago Journal & The Chicago Journal


Chicago Journal is a digital media house bringing to the world the latest stories of the City of Chicago. The Company recently posted about an interesting and ‘kindly’ existence of a similar Journal.  Chicago Journal was getting numerous queries regarding the existence of another digital platform Chicago journal, which operates on the domain name...

Financial Industry Regulatory Authority warns about an ongoing phishing campaign


The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FIRA) has announced the presence of an ongoing phishing campaign. The campaign is spearheaded by the impersonation of the Regulatory Authority. The authority announced that a number of people were receiving emails that claimed to be from a representative from the FIRA. The phishing campaign deploys the domain name We want to...

Odin inspired acquires an entity, renames it


Norse-mythology plays a central character in the pop culture of today, thanks to Marvel’s contribution towards it. I mean who can forget Thor’s entries. It seems that this popular storyverse has now started to percolate into business infrastructure and financial ecosystem as well thanks to the fanboys all across. is a B2B esports betting solutions provider. The company...

Man files for UDRP as he couldn’t get family domain


I have seen several RDNH cases where in the garb of UDRP as a parallel way of securing the domain name files a complaint. However, seldom do I engage in legal appeals that fall so spectacularly on their face.  Adrianus Theodorus van Dorp had approached the Canadian International Internet Dispute Resolution Centre for the domain name The Complainant claimed that the Van Dorp...

Domain Name Registries won’t be given ‘safe harbour’


The Delhi High Court in the case proceedings related to Snapdeal Private Limited v Go Daddy Com LLC & Ors., has ruled that Domain Name RegistriesRegistries, when providing trademark infringement domain name at a profit, won’t be granted ‘safe harbour’. Too difficult to grasp? Ok, let me answer you in a simple way.  The Plaintiff, i.e., Snapdeal had approached the court...

When Complainant and Respondent both wanted the same decision


The contention in jurisdiction forums is about who presents their narrative better, based on facts and with an intention of justice to prevail. However, seldom does a situation arise when the Complainant and the Respondent vie for the same decision. Popular computer and electronic and manufacturing company Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P., popularly known as HP,  faced some issues...

Who gets to be the ‘Vet Expert’?


Vet Planet Sp. is a Polish company that provides veterinary diagnostics, medicines and nutrition services. The Company has several trademarks related to VET EXPERT. However, someone else registered the domain name and was using it. The Company thus approached WIPO. The Complainant claimed that it is known by the name ‘VetExpert’ across 30 countries. The Complainant...

Roofvertising, the new trend in branding


What is branding? In a very simplistic way, branding is something that makes your products and services visible to the buyer. Among an ocean of choices, branding is that differentiating factor that makes the customer choose you over them all.  Branding has an undeniable linkage with the contemporary issues of the world. Prevailing notions of the World dictate the branding strategies of...

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