You can visit Drake’s home through this ‘Drake Related’ domain name


Hollywood rockstars live life king size. It is no secret that the lavish lifestyle of these stars would make any normal person jealous. Well, this ‘Drake Related‘ domain name is certainly not making things easier for us.  It’s been 10 years since Drake’s famous album Take Care dropped. To mark the occasion, a domain name that offers a virtual tour of Drake’s...

FBI email server hijacked, fake emails sent from this domain name


Cyber crimes have become more common than anyone ever thought of. From Colonial Pipeline to Robinhood, reports of hacking have become way too frequent. However, the recent addition to the list is that no one dared to think: FBI.  Someone hacked the FBI’s email server and used it to send fake mails. Hackers used the domain name and related email Ids to send fraudulent emails...

ENS soars after airdrop


In our previous post, we discussed how Ethereum domain name holders are going to get ENS tokens. Although at that time, ENS prices had hit the floor, the currency is right now soaring.  ENS began trading at $18. However it was not long since the currency reached an all time peak of $85.704. At the time of posting, it is trading at $63.555. That is a jump of over 200%. Ethereum is...

Court fines $1 million to several pirate sites with one being related to a MP


Philippines based media company, ABS-CBN Corporation has won a case against several pirate sites. The district court in Florida decided in favor of the applicant and awarded a fine of $1 million on each of the mentioned sites along with other fines.  The list includes 40 domain names, which contains domain names like,,, etc. There is an odd...

Domain Name expiry causes major Gaming blackout


A number of single player, as well as multiplayer online games become unplayable. The list includes games like Guardians of the Galaxy, Football Manager 2022, Mortal Kombat 11, The Tomb Raider Series, etc.  The games faced this unusual hindrance because of a domain name expiry. All the related games have association with a firm called Denuvo. A domain name that is used for game activations...

Jewish name of Elon Musk like character causes uproar


Elon Musk’s popularity never seems to be weakening, just like his stocks. The guy is all over the place. And even when he is not, his name still seems to find a way to the headlines!  A play named ‘Rare Earth Mettle‘ was being shown in London’s  Royal Court Theatre. The play has garnered wide attention over its character and it’s choice of name. The play...

Thailand Tourism plans hindered by this domain name


The pandemic disrupted a number of industries. But its impact was the most severe on one particular industry: tourism.  However, as the effects of the Pandemic seem to be shrinking a little, countries are opening their doors for tourists. And among these countries is one of the world’s most sought after tourist destinations: Thailand. However it faced a peculiar problem.  Thailand...

Cancer fundraising domain name hijacked?


Domain Name trade is a high value affair. The difference of an appropriate domain name could make or break your enterprise. However, sometimes the high stakes involved in this business turn to sketchy paths.  Koh-Lanta is a French reality show. The show is based on the survival theme where contestants are sent to a remote island and are supposed to survive on their own. However, the show...

Space related domain name priced at $16 Million?


I’ll be upfront with you, ever since the arrival of NFTs, I can’t digest the price of digital assets anymore. Everyday my inability to comprehend such high prices keeps on increasing. Comparatively, domain names have been easier on me. However, this domain name might change things.  As reported by Ritz Herald, an unusual domain name has come up. The content on the domain name is...

Trump’s controversial NFT priced around $ 1 Mil


Donald Trump and controversy have an unusual liking for each other. The controversy was with him when wasn’t the President, was of course associated with him during his Presidency and is in no mood of leaving him while he’s off the top executive post.  Creatd is an IT company that works around artworks. OG Gallery, a subsidiary of Creatd has created a storm after it dropped a NFT...

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