Pharma Brands troubled by WTO’s new decision


WTO has announced a new change in its policy ensuring vaccine equity. WTO has announced that certain parts of Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) will be waived off. The waiving off the provisions of TRIPS will allow countries to use a patented vaccine without the permission of the patent owner. The country nevertheless does need to pay the patent owner for the usage of...

The Rock handed notice from the Olympians over rebranding attempt


XFL was a new professional league started by WWE head Vince McMahon. The league restarted in 2020. However it couldn’t complete its inaugural season due to Covid lockdowns. The league soon filed for bankruptcy. The league was eventually bought by the Rock and his associates just before the auction for $15 million.  Rock wants to rebrand it and give it a new push. With eyes set on the...

An explosion in Online Pharmacy scams


Covid despite its adversity also gave a window for new innovations to emerge. One of the stark innovations, in user behaviour, has emerged in the way people buy medicines. More and more people are moving towards online pharmacies considering their increased vitality during the pandemic and lockdowns. However, this also brought an undesired demon along with it, Cyber Scams. With an increased...

Fraudsters registering Covid test kit domain names


In January, the US Government under President Biden launched a new service of postal delivery of Covid Test kits. People could order their free test kits through domain name Another domain name related to US Postal Services, was also promoted where people can order their kits. However, one month after this welfare step, several cases of fraud domain names started...

FBI email server hijacked, fake emails sent from this domain name


Cyber crimes have become more common than anyone ever thought of. From Colonial Pipeline to Robinhood, reports of hacking have become way too frequent. However, the recent addition to the list is that no one dared to think: FBI.  Someone hacked the FBI’s email server and used it to send fake mails. Hackers used the domain name and related email Ids to send fraudulent emails...

Thailand Tourism plans hindered by this domain name


The pandemic disrupted a number of industries. But its impact was the most severe on one particular industry: tourism.  However, as the effects of the Pandemic seem to be shrinking a little, countries are opening their doors for tourists. And among these countries is one of the world’s most sought after tourist destinations: Thailand. However it faced a peculiar problem.  Thailand...

Canadian Internet Registration Authority teams Up with ScamAdviser


Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) has announced a new partnership with ScamAdviser to protect Canadians users online. The purpose of the partnership is to provide safety against fraudulent and scammer domain names.  Ever since the pandemic began there has been a surge in the number of people shopping online. This provides scammers a window. CIRA in order to tackle this issue...

Surge In Look-alike Domains Forces Zoom To Seek Google’s Help


Zoom, the popular video conferencing app might be negotiating with Google Cloud to make its calls safer. The COVID-19 restrictions had skyrocketed the use of Zoom with institutions and companies forced to operate remotely. With its increased usage, in no time were experts able to expose and call out Zoom on its erroneous and risky policies, including several loopholes in users’ security and...

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