Board member separates along with company’s domain name


Breaking a company is like taking a divorce. The complexities arising out of the separation is beyond any party to fully comprehend and cope up with.  WIPO witnessed a fierce contest between two parties over the domain name The Complainant is Protanium B. V., Netherlands. The Respondent too was erstwhile of the Complainant’s firm.  The Complainant possesses a range...

IP law firm awarded a RDNH


Domain Dispute procedure or any legal process in general is something that a common person on the streets might not be able to comprehend easily. However, law firms and especially Intellectual Property law firms should not be naive about the dispute resolution procedures.  WIPO witnessed a contention over the domain name by two parties. The Complainant here is Bartko Zankel Bunzel...

Who gets


Some names are strategic because of its popularity or the meaning that it imparts. However, certain uncommon words that are funny to pronounce can also be a prospective brand name.  Forum witnessed a unique case regarding the use and registration of the domain name Interestingly, none of the parties manufacture chocolate!  The Complainant here was G.R. GLOBAL COSMETICS...

Russian entity tries to infringe upon HELBIZ


The first criteria for a domain resolution procedure is the presence of confusing similarity between the disputed domain name and the Complainant’s trademarks. However, this is easier said than done and can be many times confusing, as well.  WIPO arbitrated in an interesting domain name dispute regarding a Russian Respondent. The domain name in question here was  The... denied ownership of


Legal procedures are based on facts and evidence. There are instances when a seemingly stronger side might lose the arbitration, in a situation where it lacks strong evidence to prove a key element of the case, as demonstrated in our current story. WIPO was presented with a tough battle against the 4-lettered domain name The Complainant here is a  Finland based firm Veho Oy Ab, Finland...

WIPO’s judgement on Gun violence domain name


Usually domain disputes involve the commercial aspects of businesses. However, sometimes cases come across that have much more broader social implications as evident in this case study.  WIPO was presented with a complicated domain dispute regarding the domain name The Complainant here is an organisation that goes by the name Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund, Inc. The...

To get the domain, man files complaint against McAfee


Stories about Domain Disputes are interesting as it gives us a list of dos and don’ts, while establishing our businesses. We can course correct our intuitions based upon the panel proceedings. However, there are numerous cases where the Complaint is filed arbitrarily and without anything substantial.  Forum witnessed a peculiar case where an individual Complainant was up against the major...

Water Heater Hub acquires this domain name


Water Heater Hub is a one stop solution for all your Water Heating problems. The primary domain name of the firm, presents a very informative website regarding plumbing.  The company recently acquired a domain name that could have major branding consequences. A domain name was acquired. The domain name currently redirects to  The...

Voltas secured injunction against this domain name


Voltas, a popular Indian Home appliances brand has secured injunction against a maleficent domain name. The counterfeit domain name was trying to mimic itself as Voltas and was trying to dupe customers.  Voltas Limited had filed a complaint against the domain name The  Complaint was adjudicated at the Delhi High Court. The Plaintiff claimed trademarks over VOLTAS since...

Azure drags Microsoft to the High Court for its name


Brand name is an extremely vital component for any business, upon which seldom would any firm budge down. But what if the company using your name is Microsoft?  Azure Knowledge Corporation Pvt Ltd is a firm that has held firm against protecting its brand name, from one court to another. Azure registered the trademark rights over AZURE in 1998. However, the mark was being used by Microsoft...

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