Registration of a domain name gave up the reveal of this anime


The Domain Name Industry gives you a lot of things: Safe investment options, brand protection and extension, targeting audiences, online recognition, and many more. But did you know, it gives you the ability to predict the future?  Type-moon, is a gaming company based in Japan. The company recently announced that it is going to release an anime movie based on Mahotsukai no Yoru, also called...

This domain name is giving a voice to the Black Community


The Black Community of Pittsburgh has a representative. The domain name is a firm voice for the Black community and the issues related to them. The platform hosts a broad range of issues that vary from politics to entertainment to health. The domain name is one of the many different steps by 1Hood Media. Since 2006, it has been carrying on the empowerment of black people. One...

Different Second level .tr domains under TRABIS


In a previous post we talked about TRABIS. We talked about how the .tr domain names are going through a change in management. However, there are other Second level .tr domain names too. How does the change pan out on them?  As of now, the extension is controlled by (to be changed from January, 2022). There are several restrictions under The domain name registration requires...

Hy-vee launches two new domain names


Hy-vee, the self-owned group of supermarkets, is looking to create spurs in the industry. The company has announced two new domain names with an eye on bulk ordering.  The company has launched domain names and These new domains are in addition to the existing parent domain name of These new domain names aim at establishing Hy-Vee’s presence on...

Legislation to curb Domain Names from selling illegal drugs online introduced in the US


A bill was introduced in the US to stop Domain Names from selling illegal drugs. The bill was introduced by senators Amy Klobuchar and Marco Rubio. The name of the legislation is also very interesting with it being called Domain Reform for Unlawful Drugs Sellers Act a.k.a. DRUGS.  The bill aims at curbing the increasing number of fake, non-genuine and illegal drugs being sold online. These...

A look into the ‘Namecheap Domain Insights and Trends Report’


Namecheap has published its annual Domain Insights and Trends Report. The 2021 report is based on data collected from the previous 12 months, and gives an overview of the performance of different Top-level domains (TLDs).  The report tells us about the most popular TLDs in the world. There are no surprises at the top spot. .com is still the champion among the TLDs and has maintained its spot in...

TRABIS, Turkey and .tr


There are major changes going for .tr domain names. The extension is going through a complete change in management. It was earlier managed by However, beginning from January 2022, the extension will be managed by TRABIS.  .tr is the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) of Turkey. The extension was until now managed by Middle East Technical University. However after the signing of a...

Would you buy second level domain names?


It seems like a long time ago when only the .com domain name was desirable. A number of different extensions have come up, with even the introduction of blockchain domain names. The choices and the industry itself, is ever evolving and expanding. So, would you try something different?  Like choosing a second level domain name? Intis Telecom is, as of now, selling multiple second level

Why is choosing the right domain name registrar so important?


While starting your new business, you definitely focused a lot about choosing the right domain name. A right domain name can be crucial to the success of your enterprise, but there is another aspect of it that many are missing. Choosing the right domain name registrar.  Sustaining a business is as challenging, if not more, as starting a business. The major threat that most online businesses face...

Grofers has rebranded to BlinkIt, but what about the domain name?


Grofers, an online grocery delivery platform, has rebranded itself to a new name. The new name is BlinkIt. But, what’s the status of the domain name of their new and old names?  When checked, was redirecting to BlinkIt’s domain name. However, what’s interesting is the choice of TLD. The new name does not rely on a .com domain name. Rather, the new domain name is...

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