The fall of

T’s stock of furniture are being collected so that they can be auctioned off. This step aims to console the creditors of the company with whatever payback that remains possible. However, was a very successful company not very long ago. So what led to the fall of the UK Furniture champion?

Mississippi Supreme Court upholds judgment against cybersquatter


In 2018, Alyce G. Clarke Mississippi Lottery Law was passed. This law provided a way for the Mississippi State Lottery to be organized, for the maintenance of which Mississippi Lottery Corporation (MLC) was formed. A peculiar thing occurred related to the Lottery when a domain investor decided to register a series of domain names related to the event. As many as 60 of them! All of the domain...

Namify’s new Business Name Generator tool can be a game changer in Trademark safety


You know what’s the most irritating thing while starting a business? After getting your company established, getting it up and running you find out that the name you selected is registered by some already existing entity. All of your ambitions around your dream company gets disturbed over this little silly loophole. What is even more terrible is the approach of most of the companies towards this...

Key takeaways from CENTR Global TLD Report


The Council of European National Top-Level Domain Registries (CENTR) has released its Global TLD Report for the second half of 2022. The report covers the performance of various TLDs across the borders till the month of July.  The report shows a leveling of domain sales figures to the pre-pandemic levels. Domain sales marked an up from 2021 Q4 to 2022 Q4. However, the boom witnessed during the...

Why is GoDaddy’s share falling despite high Q3 earnings?


GoDaddy’s share has been falling since the 28th of October. From $84.13, it has been diving and is currently trading at $66.50. This is after the stock figures had reached a local minima on 4th November, at $65.50. So what is the reason behind the domain giant’s dip? GoDaddy has recently released its Quarter 3 earnings. On a year to year basis, GoDaddy grew by 7.2%. In the third quarter, GoDaddy...

Respondent agrees to delete the domain, while the panel cancels Complaint


A remarkable feature about UDRP dispute resolution procedures is the honesty and integrity maintained in the dispute’s resolution. Even if a party is absent, the case isn’t decided against the absentee. Rather, the merits of the case are looked upon and a decision is taken. Kelin S.r.l. Is a designing company that makes motorcycle helmets and other motorcycle equipment such as bags. The company... raises bold contentions


In domain disputes, mere registration of a trademark doesn’t appear sufficient most of the time. Any party before claiming exclusive right to a mark, must first present that it has acquired notoriety in respect to those terms. So Bold Limited, is a company based in the UK. The company provides web development services and uses the domain name The company however, was aggrieved over...

Panel’s harsh decision on English complainant


Although UDRP procedures are the benchmark of professionalism in the industry. Every once in a while a dispute decision surfaces that appear a little partial towards one party. Flexspace No 2 LLP is a company that provides services in relation to flexible offices, workshops, industrial and self-storage spaces. The company was however disturbed by the registration and use of the domain name...

When someone registered ‘Back to the Future’ Car’s domain name


Back to the Future is among the most iconic movies of all time. Its unique characters, plot and the car attracted everyone’s imagination. Did you know that car belonged to a company named DeLorean? DeLorean Motor Company is the owner of the popular car featured in the company. The original company was founded in 1975, and the motor company has been using the DELOREAN mark since 1995. It had...

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