You will need CEO’s permission to register more than 1 .in domain name


There have been some changes in registering .in domain names. Individuals wishing to register more than one .in domain name would have to seek permission from CEO of National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI). NIXI is the sponsor of India’s ccTLD .in. Registered companies can register upto 100 domain names. However, to register more than that, they too need to seek the CEO’s...

Providentia Marketing LLC opts for a new name and domain name


Providentia Marketing LLC has announced that it is going to change its name. The company from now on will operate under the name Home Care Marketing pros. No, other changes in staff or management took place. Legally, however, the company would still be called Providentia Marketing LLC. The changes would also flow to the domain names. The company until now functioned on the domain name...

Saudi Arabia extends the date of transfer of domain names


Saudi Arabia has extended the date of transfer of it’s domain names. With an extension of three months, the domain names could be transferred till 31st of March, 2022. This applies to all the domain names under .sa and السعودية. TLDs. The transfer is regarding the change in the registrar of Saudi domain names. Saudi domains have been until now managed by SaudiNIC. However, now everyone has to...

Gulf Power merged to Florida Power and Light company


Gulf Power, a company that has been in existence since 1925, was merged into Florida Power and Company. From 1st of January, Gulf Power would be officially called Florida Power and Light Company.  Following the name change, the original domain name of Gulf Power won’t be functional. Gulf Power used to function on the domain name The website is up on the domain name as of now...

What’s with the rush for .xyz in the Crypto companies?


.xyz is one of the most popular TLDs present today. In fact in the year 2021, among all other TLDs, .xyz was behind only .com. However, there has been a rise in the popularity of the extension among the Crypto and decentralized internet entities. Why’s so?  The reason behind this is the CEO of the company, as well as .xyz’s universal appeal. The CEO and Founder of .xyz was fascinated...

Premium DNS Service by WebNIC


WebNIC has launched a new Premium DNS Service. This new service has certain novel features and is far better than the currently existing DNS Service in terms of speed, dependability and security. The new system comes with a network of servers spread across the globe. It is extremely reliable as compared to the old service. It comes with worldwide real time DNS propagation that would update every... has been acquired by this company

M has a new owner. There isn’t any website on the domain name yet, but the buyer is very excited about the prospects of this domain name. The buyer is WholisticResearch. WholisticResearch is an organisation that focuses on the development and marketing of nootropics. Nootropics, aso called ‘smart drugs’ are a certain category of drugs that intend to enhance the performance of the...

Last few hours of Dynadot’s huge discounts


Who doesn’t like discounts? And discounts on domain names are always welcomed. In case you want to invest in some premium domain names, Dynadots has a domain name sale going on. However, you need to be fast as the discounts will last only until the end of 2021. Dynadot is offering a staggering 50% of discount on selected premium domain names. Domain names with the extensions .club, .co, .biz, ...

Free subdomains being misused by scammers


Do you know, buying domain names isn’t the only option available. In fact you can get a number of subdomains as well. Many of these subdomains are given for free of cost, for project work or personal ventures. One of such services is provided by Subdomains to this domain name are free for all. However, a report by WhoisXML API, has found that several of the subdomains under...

Spokane County is now Sports County USA


Spokane County has changed its name. The county will now be known as Sports County USA. The county rechristened itself after the county commissioners passed the resolution to rename it. The people from the county said the new name is apt for the national level sports environment in the county. The county commissioner has said it has purchased a domain name. However, the exact domain name wasn’t...

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