Federal Trade Commission proposes law against Brand Impersonation scams


The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), an independent entity responsible for the enforcement of antitrust laws and consumer protection, has issued a notice about a new law in making. The Commission has taken into account the growing number of impersonation scams, and is going frame a new rule to regulate it. The notice is termed as Trade Regulation Rule on Impersonation of Government and Businesses...

Cryptocurrency run by Pakistani people trying to dupe TATA


Delhi High Court has admitted a case against a cryptocurrency that was trying to use the TATA name to sell its coins. The company is said to be a company run by Pakistani people, but based in the UK. The company that is in question here is Hakuna Matata. The company has been selling cryptocurrencies under the brand name TATA.  The Court admitted that it cannot be the case that the...

US Voting body has acquired this domain name


The US Vote Foundation has made a new domain name acquisition. The new domain name is going to increase the accessibility and utility of the foundation and its services. The domain name acquired is US.Vote. USA is among the countries which allows non-physical voting. The overseas or absentee voters can request the ballot from the foundation’s platforms. For physical voters too, the platform...

PlantX to acquire


PlantX, a novel plant-based product company has announced that it will acquire the domain name The company has acquired the domain name to assist its growing portfolio of companies, all based around plant related products. This acquisition of is unique, considering the high value associated with the domain name. There has been a full fledged company Vegan...

Court suspends domain name impersonating Indiamart


Delhi High court has suspended a counterfeiting domain name that was trying to fraud the customers by publishing fake job opportunities. The domain name was trying to dupe the Indiamart brand name. Indiamart is a popular Business to Business company with 60% market share in India. The primary domain of Indiamart is with other related domain names registered as well, such as...

Newfold Digital to acquire MarkMonitor from Clarivate


MarkMonitor, the popular corporate brand protection firm, is set to be acquired by Newfold Digital. An agreement has been signed through which the company would be transferred from the erstwhile parent company Clarivate. Clarivate is an analytics company that provides firms with key insights in innovating and realizing the true potential of their Intellectual Property. The company aims to aid...

BlackRock files complaint against typosquatting


BlackRock, the biggest asset management company in the world, had to reach the court against a couple of counterfeit domain names. The domain names were all centered around its primary domain name In the complaint, BlackRock has accused the domain names of typosquatting. Typosquatting is a malicious technique in which fraudsters register domain names related to popular brands with...

Companies refraining from Social Media LogIns


LogIns to a new platform can be a hassling task. Entering a new User Id and then remembering the Password is a step that many avoid. In such cases, LogIns through Social Media handles come handy. No need for a new set of credentials. However, this convenience is going to lapse soon. Many firms are opting out of these kinds of LogIns. The list includes the likes of Dell, Amazon and Nike. You can...

ENS reports its 3rd best month in August


ENS has kept its unprecedented growth continued in the month of August as well. The blockchain domain company has reported its third highest monthly figures after July and May in August. In August 2022, ETH registered a net 301,000 new .eth domain name registrations. With this the total number of .eth domain names crossed the figure of 2.17 million. August was also the month when the net number...

What’s more to Epik’s CEO change?


A week ago Epik Holdings, Inc. announced a change in company’s CEO. One of the company’s Founder, President and CEO Rob Monster stepped down from the apex position and gave way to Brian Royce as the new head. This might seem as a normal case of succession, however it is not. The CEO change hasn’t been very organic, and is influenced by external factors. One of them being, politics. Epik has since...

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