Unstoppable Domains partners with OKC


Unstoppable Domains, one of the most promising companies in the crypto domain sector has finalized yet another collaboration. This time it is with the  Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and Inter‑Blockchain Communication (IBC) compatible OKX Chain (OKC). Payment through long crypto codes is an intriguing task. Amid this, Unstoppable Domains easy-to-remember short crypto domain names come in handy. A... brings together, and


LuxHosting is Europe’s fastest and customer friendly web hosting company. Situated in Luxembourg, the company has added the name of the small country in it as well. The company has announced that it has integrated within itself three different host companies. These include, and LuxHosting intends to develop an integration where the assets as well as clients...

Chain’s CEO acquires Patriots.eth


The Crypto industry is aggressively entering every nook and corner of modern businesses. The National Football League is no different. Recently, legislation was passed allowing teams to integrate with Blockchain companies. Post this, collaborations were initiated, starting with Dallas Cowboys and Now, the New England Patriots have joined the party as well. The NFL’s New...

PlantX to acquire


PlantX, a novel plant-based product company has announced that it will acquire the domain name The company has acquired the domain name to assist its growing portfolio of companies, all based around plant related products. This acquisition of is unique, considering the high value associated with the domain name. There has been a full fledged company Vegan...

Newfold Digital to acquire MarkMonitor from Clarivate


MarkMonitor, the popular corporate brand protection firm, is set to be acquired by Newfold Digital. An agreement has been signed through which the company would be transferred from the erstwhile parent company Clarivate. Clarivate is an analytics company that provides firms with key insights in innovating and realizing the true potential of their Intellectual Property. The company aims to aid...

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