Arch Linux host cites Freedom of Speech defence, after using offensive Domain Name


Arch Linux, one of the many open-source distributions based on the free kernel, has been embroiled in controversy after one of the hosts, known as ‘Alucard’, used an offensive mirror address for one of the packages available to fellow users. However, after this came to light when another user complained, the host responded by saying that his ‘freedom of speech’ was being suppressed by the complainant.

The domain name ‘’ prompted a user by the name Florian to complain that a friend was extremely offended by the address, and asked that it be changed immediately. Loli is a term that describes under-aged girls in Hentai, according to Urban Dictionary, which paired with ‘for sale’ is objectively offensive.

Even though this was changed, he went on to defend this choice by referring to his ‘freedom of speech’, likening the complaint of the offensive content to oppression. Beyond that, he discussed the time and effort he put into the Arch Linux project. However, this was immaterial to the domain name in question.

Credits: Neowin

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